A Beast of The North

Hello travelers! Today I shall tell you a tale of Alanon’s trials in the North. I have not heard it from him, but from a mutual friend and I think it should give you good insight into how he became the hardened warrior that he is today. It begins after fleeing his old lands, and he is wandering through the ever-so-dangerous Northlands.

“Alanon pulled his cloak tighter around himself. Snow had managed to find its way into all of his clothing, and he shivered so bad he could barely walk. His fingers were purple on the ends, and his feet had gone numb. The blizzard had been going for hours with no reprieve. He shuffled up onto a small rise overlooking a gulley and spotted a patch of sparse trees. They howled slightly in the wind, but would provide just enough shelter for him to ride out the storm.

Then he heard a growl. It came from the trees, and some of the apparent snow began to move, more than snow should, even in a blizzard. A four-legged beast rose out of the trees. Its eyes were yellow, and it had fangs the size of daggers.

Alanon stopped in his tracks. He tried to make as little movement as possible, but it was obvious that he was the disturbance that woke the beast from its sleep. The beast drew nearer, pawing through the snow. Alanon could see its muscles and sinew through its thick white pelt. He drew his sword, and the beast growled again. Fear and adrenaline quickly warmed Alanon. He was sure he was going to die, as he could barely hold up his sword due to Mother Nature fighting him with everything she had. The beast grew closer and closer. It gathered its strength, and its hind legs flexed- The beast was about to pounce. Alanon stared death in the face.

Out of nowhere, three arrows flew into the beast’s chest. The white pelt turned to red, and the yellow glow faded from its eyes. Alanon, in shock turned to see his rescuer…”

Oh I must apologize my traveling friends! I must finish this tale another time… It seems that a certain shaman I angered a while back has caught up to me! He is brandishing a very large stick that seems to be dripping a bright blue liquid- I must be off!


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