Gorundor, and Alanon

Hello weary travelers, alas I am returned from a long voyage. I must apologize for my unexpected period of no communication. The trolls of the West do not have a very good courier system. But HA what trolls do have a good courier system? I do make myself chuckle. Anyways, I will put off telling you of my travels, to tell a rather interesting story of King Gorundor.

Now, as you may know, when interesting happenings of the lands are going on I do tend to enjoy seeing them play out. This makes me no stranger to the courts of most of the major nobility around the Kingdom. On one such day when I visited Gorundor’s court, I sensed that happenings were about, and good information was to be learned. I spent most of the day listening to common folk pleading with the King about their cow that died, or their brother who died in a skirmish with Cuarac, etc. It was trying for my own patience, let alone the King’s. Gorundor loved his people though, so he dutifully heard each individual out. It had reached closing time for public appointments, and Gorundor, the nobility, and myself all arose to leave. Then a scribe burst into the great hall, with a scroll in his hand, breathing heavily and red faced. He bowed, handed the scroll to Fhoust, the King’s seneschal, who gave the scroll to Gorundor. The King took a moment to soak in what was written on the scroll, then said, “Let him in.”

The scribe mumbled an affirmative and raced out of the hall. Fhoust gave the King a look of curiosity, but Gorundor was too unnerved to notice. After a few tense minutes of silence, the sound of boots clicking on the marble floors of the hallway became audible. The massive oak doors of the Great Hall opened, and a black haired man in furs strode proudly into the room. Chainmail glinted under the fur, and a long sword rested on his hip. “Gorundor”, the stranger said.

“Alanon”, the King replied.

“What of Hawthenshire?”

“You shall not have it”

Now the man Alanon clenched his fists and shook with fury. “You dare keep my birthright under your greedy paw!” He raged.

“The last time you gained land to govern you drove its people to starvation, and let your men at arms run amuck pilfering and murdering. What gives you the nerve to step into my court and demand land from me?!”

I had never seen King Gorundor this upset. The massive Great Hall was filled with a tension greater than the Hall itself. The guards gripped their blades until their knuckles were white.

Alanon’s face turned grimmer than before, “I have changed. I am not the man I once was. The Northlands took from me everything, but gave me a strength I never had before. Now I give you one last chance… give me Hawthenshire, or woe betide you and your kingdom!”

Gorundor rose sharply to his feet, and started to speak at a whisper, gradually building up into a full grown roar, “First you demand land, and then you threaten me and my people. Get out of my sight before I have you clapped in irons and stoned by those you so awfully mistreated in the past!”

It was extremely rare for a king of the Nycean Council, to carry out a stoning, but I think Gorundor, even being the forgiving man he was, may have followed through on this day.

Alanon turned on his heel, furs fluttering in the wind, and strode quickly out of the Great Hall. When he was out of sight and earshot, the whole hall took a collective breath out. The guards seemed as if they might pass out. The king returned to his throne, and quietly asked for the hall to be cleared. No one hesitated, and the nobles practically ran out. Fhoust approached Gorundor, but was waved off and followed the rest of the nobles.

After the spectacle in the Great Hall I headed to the White Naga Inn, for a brandy. I pondered the day’s events while a mediocre lute player attempted to provide musical entertainment. It was rare for Gorundor to raise his voice, and even rarer for him to close the Great Hall. If only I knew at the time, what was to become of Alanon, and Gorundor’s feud…

But, friends, travelers, and the like, that is a story for another time. I hope you enjoyed hearing of the time that King Gorundor was reunited with an old acquaintance by the name of Alanon. It is time for me to get back to brewing this especially strong batch of tea, and I wish you all happy travels.


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